Brow Raisers, brow extensions are applied by attaching synthetic extension, tapered to mimic a natural hair, to either an existing hair or to the skin. Our colorless medical-grade adhesive is safe to use on the skin and will provide a natural looking eyebrow. Whether you are needing to fill in sparse brows, cover up a scar, give yourself a new shape or you have no brows at all - you will love the way our Brow Raisers look.

Brow Extension can last up to 4 weeks when attached to other natural hairs; 2-3 week when attached to the directly to the skin

Minor Brow Reconstruction

(up to 10% brow reconstruction- 30min. average time)   Price: $40

Partial Brow Reconstruction

(10%-50% brow reconstruction- 60min. average time)  Price: $65

Major Brow Reconstruction

(50%-90% brow reconstruction- 90min. average time)   Price: $90

Total Brow Reconstruction

(90-100% brow reconstruction-  2hr. average time)

Price: $120

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Diva and luxury eyelash extensions

Facial bliss

skin Care

Mini- Microdermabrasion

Just right for rookies this facial get

straight to the point with cleansing and passes of microderm over the face and neck, for a serious slough without 'the fluff'

30min~ $120

60min~ $170

Peeling Groovy

Like cross training for your complexion this facial combines both physical chemical exfoliation with microderm and a brightening enzyme peel, plus a facial massage with our Triple Oxygen + C Energizing Cream to have you looking younger on the "double"

30min~ $130

60min~ $180

Firm Facial

Pick up the slack with this advanced anti-aging facial, which firms and plumps skin with the combination of masks, microdermabrasion and "space age" light therapy that uses microcurrents to kick-start collagen and improve muscle tone. Ladies and Gentlemen, we have "lift-up"

30min~ $150


iNatalie Glamour

Make Over

Make Over      

Price: $45

Minklash Strips

Price: $30


Price: $25



Price: $50 

Runway Lashes

(Plastic Photo Shoot)

Price: 35

Mink Eyelash Strips

Price: $40

Eyebrows Wax           

(with Razor or Wax) 

 Price: $12    


Eyebrow Sculpture

Price: $16



















Booking Appointments & Cancellation

"For Any Services Please Schedule Your Appointment"

Please use the form below to schedule your appointment.

  • A $25 deposit required is required and will be processed at the
         time of scheduling to hold your appointment.
  • Appointments may be cancelled 24 hrs prior to your appointment 

​         without​ penalty; Appointment cancelled within 24 hrs of scheduled

         service will be charged the full $25 deposit.

  • We accept: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover

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Eyelash and Makeup Options: 

Mink or Silk Lashes

iNatalie Girls- 100+LPE

Lashes are Long, Thick and Dramatic!!!!

The Flutter Girl

Price: $175

iNatalie Divas- 70+LPE

This is our popular set for the divas who want to be noticed    

The Flirtatious Girl                  

Price: $150

3D-6D Mink Lashes

iNatalie Star Divas

Are light-weight, soft, bend-resistant, and flexible.

Giving you the natural vibrant look.

Price: $275

 Mink Relash

45 min appointment


Price: $55

60 min appointment


Price: $65

1hr 15 min appointment


Price: $80

1hr 30 min appointment


Price: $95

1hr 45 min appointment


Price: $110

2hr appointment


Price: $125


1hr 15min appointment

(for clients that come every 2 weeks)

Price: $125

1hr 30 min appointment

(for clients that come every 3 weeks)

Price: $150

2hr Relash

( for clients that come every 4 weeks)

Price: $175

Bottom Relash

Full Set

Price: $50


Price: $35


Eyelash Tint:

iNatalie Girls- 100+LPE 

Lashes are Long, Thick and Dramatic (All Brown) 

Price: $220

iNatalie Diva- 70+LPE

This is our popular set for the Diva that want to get noticed

Price: $170

iNatalie Beginners- 50+LPE 

The Perfect Diva

Price: $120

Diva Lash

Accent of Brown

Price: $20

Accent of Multi-Color

 Price: $30

Crystal Lash 

Price: $40

EyeLash Removal

(If it does not work out) 

Price: $30