I am Natalie Muskelly, owner of iNatalie Inc. iNatalie Inc is a Upscale Spa in the Cobb County area in Smyrna, GA. iNatalie Inc is specializes in beauty, cosmetics and skin care. As a certified Eyelash Extension Specialist/Trainer and having a masters in cosmetology/aesthetician license for over 10 active for the last 6 years. 

Natural Look-If you look up close you can see these individually applied synthetic eyelashes actually appear to have a root. They have a natural looking curve so there is no need to use eyelash curlers. They come in various length, colors ans thicknesses to create a beautiful and natural look. Brilliant colors such as blue and green are very popular and help to accentuate the natural beauty and color of one's natural eye and natural lashes.


Lavish Eye-Lash Extension-is an exciting new product and technique for thicker, longer, and naturally abundant looking eyelashes. Eyelashes are made thicker and longer through professional  of an individual synthetic eyelash directly attached to the natural eyelash with a specially formulated bonding agent.


Important Facts About Eyelash Extensions

1. Your lashes need to be clean and straight for a successful extension eyelash application. Do not perm

eyelashes prior to eyelash procedure; curly lashes are difficult to do perfect bonding.

2. Mascara on eyelashes should be completely removes before eyelash extensions are applied.

3. As a rule of thumb, fake eyelash should be 1/2 to 1/3 longer than client's own lashes. Any requests for

longer lashes should be carefully considered as the application may fail.

4. Proper bonding is the secret to successful with eyelash extensions. Any separation

 between the fake eyelashes and the client's eyelashes will compromise the bond and the effects will be


5. During the eyelashes application, it client tears for any reason "Please wipe tears away with soft cotton swabs immediately.

6. Use the tiny eyelash comb to smooth eyelashes after the application is complete to make sure that no lashes are sticking together. Examine all-extension eyelashes to make sure boning is secure. Extensions should last if well cares for from 6 to 10 weeks.

7. Your After Care: For 24 hrs after eyelashes extension treatment- Do not allow water to contact lashes. 2 days after eyelash extension- Do not use steam on face, Do not use mascara on fake eyelashes, and make-up remover will affect the bonding of the extension eyelashes. Do not perm fake eyelash extension, Do not use a lash curler, as it will break both the fake eyelashes and natural lashes. Do Not rub eyes or fake eyelashes when washing face. Always pat dry lashes that stick together, but be very careful not to tug or pull on lashes or they may fall out and you might need a touch up done.

8. Maintenance: The Lash Life cycles is about a 100 days. Fake and human hair eyelashes may fall off due to your natural lashes life cycle or because of poor technique or negligent care by client. We recommend a retouch up every 3 to 4 or 4 to 6 weeks to maintain your very best look.



‚Äč1. Do the eyelash extensions look natural?

Yes. The extensions are applied lash by lash creating a seamless adhesion

therefore the lashes are undetectable. Lashes come in different lengths,

varying between 5 to 17 mm, they can look as natural or dramatic as you desire.

2. If I don't have natural lashes can I get eyelash extensions?

No, because our lashes are applied lash by lash therefore without natural lashes

we are unable to preform the service.

3. How do I prepare for my appointment?

Be on time! Arrive with clean eyes, this means no eye make-up, eyelash glue,

eye-liner, etc.

4. How should I care for my eyelash extensions?

For the first 48 hours you should NOT get your lashes wet. This will ensure the

adhesive cures fully. Also it is best to sleep on your back or side to prevent your

extensions from being smashed/damages while sleeping.





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